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Latest Testimonials:
The following people truly believe AMP Floracel can help you. They felt it was important enough to share their stories to help others like yourself.  Note: Testimonials are not grammatically altered.  Testimonial Page


Dear Cindy,

I just had a colonoscopy a week ago. It was the best I have ever had. No ulceration from crohns. just some redness where the disease is. The diverticulitis was gone! I take 2 pills a day and feel wonderful. I have been on the Floracel since it started up again a few years ago. i was off of it for a week and started experiencing some stomach pains. I started again and am feeling great. Thank you Cindy, please never stop selling it.

Teresa F
Grand Junction, CO


I am so deeply thankful to God for AMP Floracel! Thank you for such an exceptional product. When my Crohn's is flaring up, I have such confidence that God uses this product to restore fullness and abundance of life. It is a lifesaver for me and I am still taking quite a bit of AMP daily, but I can live a normal life again.

Thank you!!!


After 20 years with crohns disease thanks to AMP FLORACEL, I can now say I am symptom Free After 1 Week of AMP as Directed. This product Relief and Stablizese Symptoms

Michael G
Brooklyn NY



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Crohn’s Cure

Are you looking for a Crohn’s cure? Tired of taking prescription medications with severe side effects? Sick of just “masking” the problem? If your looking for a Crohn’s cure, AMP Floracel may be right for you. Many people testify AMP Floracel to be a cure for Crohn’s. For over a decade thousand have found relief through AMP Floracel. Crohn’ s can be an awful, embarrassing disease. Don’t let it ruin your life. Take control and start living again. Find your cure. Let AMP Floracel help your Crohn’s disease today. 

Crohn’s disease is a disorder that causes inflammation in your digestive tract. It is most commonly found in the small intestine. Crohn’s disease can cause swelling which creates pain and can make you go to the bathroom quit frequently. With Crohn’s disease, all layers of the intestines may be infected. The most common symptoms of Crohn’s disease are:         

*Abdominal Pain


          *Bloody stools

          *Weight loss 

The abdominal pain is caused from inflammation in your body, caused by the disease. AMP Floracel has been proven to help the inflammation throughout your entire body. It will also help to control your diarrhea. It will put a healthy coating of flora on the infected areas and distribute the nutrients throughout your body to help the healing process along. 

AMP Floracel contains:

270 Capsules per Container

Each Serving Contains: Proprietary Blend 500 mgs

+ Stabilized Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharides

+ Premium Soy Lecithin Powder*

*Soy lecithin increases the absorption of the A.M.P. through the intestinal wall. 

AMP Floracel is 100% all natural and 100% non-toxic. It has NO side effects. It can be taken with any other prescription medications as well as natural supplements. It works just like when you have a burn on your skin, you apply aloe to heal the burned area. The product works in the same way only in your digestive system. It coats your intestines so that everything flows smoothly.  This is where the healing process begins. It will distribute the nutrients throughout your body and help boost your immune system. There are over two million Daltons in AMP Floracel. We have over two million Daltons in our product. A Dalton is what scientists use to measure the healing Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharide (AMP) molecule in the aloe Vera plant. (This molecule is what gives Crohn’s help). A part of our unique proprietary process extracts the healing molecule within one hour from being cut so that the golypolymannons stay intact. It takes 8 gallons of fresh Aloe Vera gel to make one bottle of AMP Floracel. Our product stands apart from the rest because of the quality of our aloe and its special process. AMP Floracel has the most potent healing properties on the market today. Our product is manufactured using the good manufacturing practices and regulated by the food and drug administration and the US department of Agriculture.

We have helped thousands of people for over a decade, all over the world. Many testify finding a Crohn’s cure with AMP Floracel. 

For over a decade, thousands of happy now healthy customers have posted their testimonials on our website.  Please visit our website to view the testimonials. You can also listen to Dr. Danhof's lecture, which is very informative. Did you know that on maintenance, one bottle of AMP Floracel® can last three months and that's just over $1 a day? 

Whether we don’t say AMP Floracel will cure Crohn’s, there are thousands of testimonials of people claiming they have found their Crohn’s cure.

To find out all the amazing things AMP Floracel can do for you, please visit us at

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